Early Voting & Election Day Information

November 7th 2023 General Election
Dates for Registration and Absentee Ballots

October 23rd :

Last day for board of elections to RECEIVE an absentee application or letter of application by mail or
online portal for a general election ballot.

October 28th:
 Last day a voter registration application must be received by board of elections to be eligible to vote in the general election.
Any change of address must be received by this date to be processed in time for the general election.
Last day for board of elections to RECEIVE application for Military/Special Federal/UOCAVA absentee ballot for general election if not previously registered.

November 6th :
Last day to apply in person for a general election absentee ballot.

November 7th :
Absentee ballots for the General Election must reach the Board of Elections or a polling place by the close of the polls on Election Day
OR absentee ballots that are postmarked by the postal service not later than the day of election and are received by Nov 14th.

What is Early Voting?

 Voters can vote in-person before Election Day. Voters registered in Franklin County will be able to vote at our early voting site which is accessible to all voters.
If you vote during the early voting period, you are not eligible to vote on Election Day.

Early Voting Dates & Hours:

10/28/2023 (Saturday) : 9am-5pm
10/29/2023 (Sunday) : 9am-5pm
10/30/2023 (Monday) : 9am-5pm
10/31/2023 (Tuesday) : 12pm-8pm
11/01/2023 (Wednesday) : 9am-5pm
11/02/2023 (Thursday) : 12pm-8pm
11/03/2023 (Friday) : 9am-5pm
11/04/2023 (Saturday) : 9am-5pm
11/05/2023 (Sunday) : 9am-5pm

Early Voting Location:
Franklin County's Early Voting poll site is accessible to all voters and is located in the Board of Elections Office at the
Franklin County Court House at 355 West Main Street, Suite 161, Malone, NY 12953 

November 7th GENERAL ELECTION DAY – Polls are open from 6 AM until 9 PM.
Find your registration and poll site information here.