Franklin County Clerk, Kip Cassavaw is proud to announce Online Records Search is available in Franklin County.  The public can access County Clerk Records from their home or office.  Any public records previously viewed at the clerk’s office, including land and court documents, can be viewed online. Subscription and print fees will apply. 

For any questions regarding Online Record Search contact IQS at 800-320-2617 or for Web Support

The following records are available online at .  For documents not listed, please contact the Clerk's Office for more information at (518) 481-1681. Please note some of the older records will be in the Indexbooks tab.

Civil Courts - Feb. 14, 1967 to Present (Orders, Judgments, Lis Pendens...)

DBA's - Jan. 4, 1995 to Present

Civil Judgements - April 1, 1991 to Present

Federal Tax Liens & Releases - Jan 1996 to Present

Mechanic Liens - April 28, 2000 to Present

Real Property (Deeds, Right of Ways, Easements, Appropriations, Agreements, POA, etc.) - 1808 to Present in Public Search  *All Grantee/Grantor Books and Deed Books prior to 1959 are located in the Indexbooks tab.  Search by name or use go to document tab and type in book and page to view. 

Mortgages (Mortgage Agreements, Modifications, Agreements, Assignment of Mortgages) - 1808 to Sept. 1965 are located in the Indexbooks tab and Oct. 1, 1965 to Present are located in Public Search.

UCC's - July 12, 2001 to Present

APA Permits - Nov. 13, 1973 to Present

Building & Loan Agreements and Notice of Lending - April 6, 2000 to Present

Discharge of Mortgages - Feb. 1954 to Present

Lis Pendens - Oct 1866 to Present

Maps (All Images) - Aug. 26, 1834 to Present

Appropriation Maps - Currently Being Scanned