Records Management

Records Management is a subdivision within the County Clerk’s Office. The Records Management Office oversees records of all media content, created by county offices. The mission of the office is to ensure records are properly managed, retained in compliance with established retention schedules, and that records disposition is completed through a secure process. The Records Management Office also aides in the identification and preservation of historical/archival records, and provides assistance with genealogy and research requests.

Nearly 5,600 cubic feet of records from nearly all county departments are stored here. The department stores and retrieves records as requested by county departments.  On a monthly basis reports are ran to properly pull records that have reached their retention period.  Records which exceed the required retention are disposed of annually. 

The Department of Social Services is now located on Finney Blvd. and we have created an "off site" vault which is about 1,800 cubic feet that is also maintained by the Records Management Clerk.   

The Franklin County Clerk's office is NOT responsible for vital records.  To obtain birth, death or marriage records, contact the clerk of the town or city where the birth, death or marriage occurred.  You may also obtain records through the New York State Bureau of Vital Statistice.  They can be reached by calling (518) 474-3077 (New York State) or by visiting their website at 


Senior Records Management Clerk
Kimberly M Tavernia
355 West Main Street, Suite 248
PO Box 70
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: 518-481-1671


  • Destruction Form(Destruction forms are to be used by Frankln County employees who are authorized to dispose of records.)
  • Request Form(Request form is for Franklin County employees who have authorization to request records from the Records Center and Department of Social Serivce vault for a short period of time.)
  • Transfer Form (Transfer forms are to be used by Franklin County employees who are authorized to transfer records to the Records Center or the Department of Social Services vault.)