Mission Statement

"The Franklin County Community Services Board directs and administers a local comprehensive planning process to serve the behavioral health and development disability needs of its community members, consistent with established local and statewide goals and objectives."

Each county in New York State is required under Mental Hygiene Law to have a Community Services Board.  The Community Services Board (CSB) has oversight responsibility for all mental health, chemical dependency and developmental disabilities service providers that receive state aid. 

Community Services Board members are appointed by the Board of Legislators.  The CSB acts in an advisory capacity to the Director of Community Services, who provides the day to day oversight and management responsibility of the Board.  The Director is responsible for planning, development and coordination of services.

The CSB is comprised of nine (9) community members who have demonstrated an interest in services for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance use disorders.  The CSB has three standing subcommittees:

  • Chemical Dependency Subcommittee
  • Developmental Disabilities Subcommittee
  • Mental Health Subcommittee

These subcommittees are composed of people with an interest in mental hygiene services; former or current users of services; parents or relatives of people with disabilities; and representatives of community agencies serving people with disabilities. 

The Community Services Board and its subcommittees make recommendations for county wide initiatives and create a Local Services Plan, which identifies the county's efforts to strengthen the local mental hygiene system.  The plan identifies and responds to the needs of people with disabilities by strengthening partnerships and developing programs and cross-system connections. 

The Community Services Board meets the first Tuesday of each month from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at North Star Behavioral Health, 209 Park Street in Malone.  The meeting is held in the 2nd floor training room.  There is no August meeting.  Board meetings are open to the public; however, anyone wishing to attend should call the Office of Community Services to confirm the meeting is being held as scheduled.