The Office for the Aging offers in-home respite services for caregivers of frail or disabled elderly. This includes supervision and personal care for the older person while the usual family caregiver is either taking care of personal business or taking a short break from their caregiving duties. 

Care under this program is provided free of charge, without regard to income or assets of the person to receive care.      
However, donations toward the cost of care can be accepted and will expand the ability of the program to provide services. The person to receive care must be age 60 or over and be impaired in 2 or more activities of daily living or require supervision because of a cognitive impairment.

Other services offered under this program are information and assistance for caregivers, including access to the library at the Office for the Aging. Several books and pamphlets are available there for caregivers to borrow.  Evaluations for the service are carried out by In Home Care Program Assistants and respite care is authorized by the In-Home Care Program Manager at the Office for the Aging, Kim Phillips.

Requests for respite service should be made through Franklin County N.Y. Connects, the county's entry point for long term care. 

In-Home Care Program Manager
Kayleigh Green
Phone: 518-481-1523
Fax: 518-481-1635
Use this contact to learn more about the Family Caregiver Program