The purpose of the Legal Services Program is to provide legal advice and representation to individuals age 60 and over, including representation in court where necessary.  Upon request, the Aging Services Specialist from the Office for the Aging will meet with the prospective client to see if their need may be met by the program.  If so, services will be provided either by the Specialist or by an attorney.

Because funds under the Older Americans Act are limited, the Legal Services Program will focus its efforts on elderly clients who are most in need, and least able to obtain legal services on their own.   Therefore the target population for this service will include those who have limited financial resources, and/or are frail, isolated, disabled, institutionalized, minority, or non-English speaking.

Legal Services may not be provided to defend criminal cases or handle fee-generating cases (cases which may be expected to generate a fee for the attorney, based on an award to the client from public funds or from the opposing party).
The Legal Services Program is intended to fill the gap between services available from organizations which use means tests for eligibility, and services available from the private bar.

For more information or to make a request for Legal Services, contact Mandy Jarvis, Aging Services Specialist, at the Office for the Aging at 518-481-1533.