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Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Programs


Pre-trial release services

This program provides criminal court clients, initially unable to post bail, the opportunity to be interviewed to determine their eligibility for release from Franklin County jail.  Program operations include screening, eligibility determinations, monitoring functions where appropriate for those defendants granted RUS (Release Under Supervision), and court notification for those who fail to satisfy release requirements.

Franklin County Adult Treatment Court

This program is very similar in nature and premise to ISP.  It was designed to reduce the number of convicted felons sentenced to State Prison.  We place high risk non-violent felony level offenders under this program who have drug/alcohol convictions (or adjudications) and/or addictions. Many of the individuals in the program are participants of the Franklin County Adult Treatment Court, an intensive treatment based model which offers the defendant the opportunity to address alcohol/substance abuse issues.  A specialized probation officer is assigned to this caseload.  

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM)

This jail alternative is included as a term and condition of probation or Pre-trial release. We typically utilize our own equipment for people sentenced to probation with an EHM requirement.  We monitor offenders sentenced to probation with an EHM requirement, as well as those with an EHM condition through an RVS order.