Saranac Lake Sunset
Saranac Lake Sunset

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Family Court Intake, Investigation, Supervision



We meet with prospective petitioners regarding the advisability of filing a petition in custody/visitation and family offense matters. We assist them in their attempts to resolve their differences and/or come up with a formal agreement through our Diversion process.  When Court intervention is sought, the Family Court typically orders us to attempt to mediate the case prior to commencing a custody or visitation investigation.  People seeking Orders of Protection are screened and advised of their right to pursue such through the Family Court, the Criminal Court, and/or both, if applicable. 

In addition to preparing custody/visitation/home study investigations, our Department also conducts adoption investigations
We are occasionally ordered to supervise adults through the Family Court for Support matters or Family Offense proceedings.


Juvenile Delinquent (JD) - a person over seven years old and less than eighteen years of age who commits an act which if had been committed by an adult, would constitute a crime.

Person In Need of Supervision (PINS) - a person less than eighteen years of age who does not attend school in accordance with the education law or who is incorrigible, ungovernable, or habitually disobedient and beyond the lawful control of a parent or other person legally responsible for such child's care, or who possesses or uses illegal drugs or controlled substances.

PINS Diversion is State mandated.  In Franklin County, Department of Social Services is the lead agency.  Probation handles PINS diversion for juveniles that reside on the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation.  Our joint venture with the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Department of Social Services has been very successful, resulting in the prevention/reduction of numerous placements of youth.