2012 Fatalities on Franklin Co. Roads All Preventable (03-18-13).doc
A Day With the Snowplow Drivers (01-07-13).doc
Alcohol & Drinking - How Much Is Too Much (12-09-13).doc
All Turns on Red Arrow Prohibited (07-29-13).doc
All-Way Stop Signs (04-29-13).doc
AutoRoute 30 Good Alternative to Montreal (05-13-13).doc
Cameras Reduce Red Light Running (04-01-13).doc
Centerline Rumble Strips Coming to Franklin County (6-3-13).doc
Child Restraint Strap Overlooked, Misunderstood (07-08-13).doc
Commercial Vehicle Roadside Inspections Promote Safety (07-01-13).doc
Consider This When Exceeding the Speed Limit (01-28-13).doc
Corrections Waranted in the 2-Question Quiz (02-18-13).doc
Crash Caused by Snowy Roads - Never! (01-14-13).doc
Distracted Driving Becoming Number One Problem (11-11-13).doc
Distracted Driving, or Following Too Closely (10-14-13).doc
Don't Blame Snow, Ice For Your Crash! (12-2-13).doc
Drug-Impaired Drivers an Increasing Problem (04-22-13).doc
Event Data Recorders Reveal Crash Information (04-08-13).doc
Failure To Obey a Traffic Control Device Explained (03-04-13).doc
Fatal Bus-Train Crash in Ottawa Reveals Diverse Safety Laws (10-01-13).doc
Hazard Lights Required When Stopped on Roadway (08-12-13).doc
Headlight Requirments Reviewed (07-22-13).doc
I'm a Good Driver - You Aren't (03-25-13).doc
Intelligent Speed Adaption (03-11-13).doc
Intersection Protocol You Might Not Be Aware Of (09-23-13).doc
Interstate 781 Now Open (01-21-13).doc
Leaving the Scene of an Incident Without Reporting (12-16-13).doc
Mercier Bridge Reconstruction This Summer (04-15-13).doc
Mowing Highway Shoulders Makes Roads Safer (08-05-13).doc
Muddled Mix of Safety Issues Realative to Dying in a Crash (10-07-13).docx
New York Residents Cannot Register ATV or UTV in Another State (10-21-13).doc
NYSP Use Unmarked Vehicles for Enforcement (09-02-13).doc
Passing on the Right Allowed in Certain Situations (07-15-13).doc
Passing Stopped School Buses Get Enforcement (05-06-13).doc
Pedestrians Versus Motor Vehicles - Know the Applicable Laws (09-09-13).doc
Pet Peeves - What Are Yours (11-25-13).doc
Reverse Angle Parking Safer than Traditional Diagonal Parking (09-16-13).doc
Risk Associated With Driving Grossly Underestimated (06-24-13).doc
Sanctions Increased for Cell Phone,Texting While Driving (08-26-13).doc
Santa Says Careful Planning Key To Safe Christmas Travel (12-23-13).doc
Seatbelt Use Better But Still Not Good Enough (05-20-13).doc
Sharing the Road With Bicycles (05-27-13).doc
Slow Down, Move Over Laws Working Better (06-17-13).doc
Snow and Ice Control More Sophisticated (12-30-13).doc
Speed Cameras - Should or Shouldn't We Use Them (11-04-13).doc
Teens' Desire to Obtain Motor Vehicles - Know the Law (08-19-13).doc
Test Your Vehicle & Traffic Law IQ - #3 (02-04-13).doc
Test Your Vehicle & Traffic Law IQ - #3 Answers (02-11-13).doc
Turn Signal Required 100 Feet (06-10-13).doc
Two New V & T Laws Now in Effect (11-18-13).doc
Two-Way Left Turn Lanes Still Misused (10-28-13).doc
Yellow Beacons at Y Crosswalk Explained (02-25-13).doc
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