Complacency and Driving Do Not Mix
Wacky Winter Drivers a Danger to All
Test Your Vehicle and Traffic Law I.Q. 2022Test 
Test Your Vehicle and Traffic Law I.Q. - (Answers) - 2022
Restrictions on Personalized License Plates
Yates County Horse and Buggy Crash Results in Multiple Charges
Headlights Often Misunderstood by Drivers
Good Headlight Ratings Linked to Lower Crash Rates
Autonomous Cars - Points to Ponder
Malone Pedestrian Safety Project Work Resumes
Car Insurance Costs Determined by Rating Basis
Utah's .05% DUI Law Reduces Crashes and Fatalities
New Traffic Signals Have Major Advantages
Noisy Mufflers, Exhaust Systems Penalties Increased
IIHS Launches Seat Belt Reminder Ratings
Yellow Crosshatch Pavement Markings
Three Wheeled Motor Vehicle
Speeding, Distracted Driving tied to Covid 19
Addressing the Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths
2021 County Crashes, Fatalities Disected
Helping Parents and Teens Navigate to Safety
New Cars Safer Than Ever
Disabling Vehicle's Safety Features Dangerous Practice
Highway Deaths Reachs 16-Year High
Vlogging While Driving a Dangerous Practice
Distracted Driving Continues to be Problematic
Gas Prices Increase Changing Driving Habits
Weight Limits Removed for Registration of Personal Use Pickup Trucks
Technology for Older Drivers Show Promise
Automation Versus Hands- On - Which Will You Choose?
Teen Drivers in New York State are Better Than Most
Enforcement Frustrated with Bail Reform
Pickup Trucks Fail IIHS Seatbelt Reminder Test
Driver's Chance to Support Effective Highway Safety Measures
Heavy Truck Safety Issues Reviewed
Midsize Cars Get Low Marks in Updated Side Crash Test
Cellphone Laws Present Thorney Problems
Speeds Exceed Speed Limits at Entrances to Villages
Drivers Illegally Pass Stopped School Buses Daily
Do Electric Vehicles Make Drivers Safer or Riskier
Alcohol, Marijuana Plus Driving Equals Bad Cocktail
Alcohol Detection System Recommended for New Cars
Drivers in Malone Continue to Illegally Block Intersections
Winter Driving - Get Ready
Intelligent Speed Assistance has Lifesaving Potential
Placing Snow on Handicapped Parking Spaces Prohibited
Green Lights on Ice and Snow Removal Vehicles
Lack of Understanding of Technology Dangerous
Most Small Pickups Earn Passing Grade in New Side Test
Yield Right of Way to Santa
Autobrake Becoming Universal in US
Good News Bad News
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