Speakers Bureau Program


The Traffic Safety Board has several programs that are appropriate for service and fraternal organizations, senior citizen groups, school classes, and for use at safety meetings for employees of any company.  After all, we are all drivers, whether we drive for business or just to get to work and back.   

Listed below are some of our presentations and a brief description of each.  We have also listed the TSB member normally responsible for the specific presentation.  Where no one is listed, we will assign a speaker.  If you wish for someone to speak to your group and don't see an appropriate topic, we will be happy to tailor a program on any aspect of traffic safety for presentation to your group.   

If your school, club, organization, or business is interested in having a speaker present a program, please contact our Traffic Safety Consultant, Ron Reyome, who will make the arrangements on your behalf.


  • Alcohol/DWI - Craig Collette - What the Franklin County "Stop DWI" program is all about and how it works to prevent drinking and driving.
  • Bicycle Safety - Vehicle and Traffic Laws applicable to bicycles, inline skating, and skateboards.  Safety tips for safe biking is also included.
  • Child Passenger Safety - Bernard Perry, certified safety seat technician/instructor - Proper method of installing child passenger safety seats and applicable Vehicle and Traffic laws.
  • Driver Psychology - Dave Werner - Delves into the psychology of driver's actions.  Includes lack of driver's perception of risk and how they assess whether or not to obey Vehicle and Traffic Law and warning signs.
  • Driving the US Highway System - Dave Werner - a power point presentation on the development of the US highway system.  This talk includes the differences between Interstate, federal, state, and local highways and an explanation of on the three types of signs, regulatory, warning, and guide signs, their meaning and significance.  Dave guarantees EVERYONE will learn something they didn't previously know.
  • Local Traffic and Safety Issues - Dave Werner - Presents local vehicle and traffic issues including turning into the correct lane, proper use of center turn lanes, specific traffic problem areas in your community, proper use of roundabouts, signal timing and loop sensors, passing on the right, and many aspects of vehicle and traffic law not normally known by most drivers.
  • Pedestrian Safety - Applicable Vehicle and Traffic laws and safety tips for pedestrians, whether they are crossing streets and roads or walking along them.
  • Young Drivers - How we can keep them safer! - Dave Werner - Power point presentation on the pitfalls of teenage drivers and teen driving risks.  Presents statistical data on teen drivers and concludes with a powerful analysis of the 119 traffic fatalities in the US on just one day, including the stories of two teenage fatalities.


  • Red Asphalt - a powerful and very graphic video on the real world of traffic crashes and how they happen.  Does not soft-peddle the blood and grief of traffic crashes.
  • Young Drivers - High Risk Years - a very powerful video on why teenage drivers are far more likely to be involved in crashes, injuries, and fatalities.  Presents sound reasoning for graduated licensing.  A must for all teenagers about to get their driving permits or those that have their permit or license, and their parents.