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Notice to Public

February 5, 2021


Remain Vigilant, Be Safe and Save Lives on Super Bowl Sunday.

Planning a Super Bowl party this year?  Franklin County Health Department strongly urges county residents to enjoy the game with members of your own household to save lives.  Throughout the pandemic, cases have spiked after holiday gatherings including July 4th, Thanksgiving, and the most recent winter holidays.  Whenever you invite someone into your home, you increase the risk of either catching or passing on the virus because anyone can have the virus without symptoms and innocently pass it on to others. Indoor parties with people outside of your household increase the risk further because face coverings can’t be worn while eating or drinking. 

There are ways to have a fun Super Bowl party this year.  The CDC suggests:

  • Wear clothing or decorate your home with your favorite team’s logo or colors.
  • Make appetizers or snacks with the people you live with to enjoy while watching the game.
  • Start a text group to chat about the game while watching.
  • Use a virtual platform to watch the game with others.

If you decide that risky, in-person gathering is a must - CDC guidance is to wear a face covering, practice physical distancing by staying 6 feet apart, wash hands frequently, and watch the game in a well-ventilated space or outdoors. Also, avoid shouting, cheering loudly, or singing. Clap, stomp your feet, or bring (or provide) hand-held noisemakers instead.

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