Gym and Fitness Center Reopening

Gym and Fitness Center Reopening in Franklin County during Covid-19 Pandemic

New York State is allowing GYMS AND FITNESS CENTERS to reopen in Franklin County beginning on AUGUST 24, 2020.
Franklin County Public Health Services has been directed to conduct inspections of gyms and fitness centers to monitor
compliance with state guidelines. To ensure your gym meets the state’s requirements, please follow the steps outlined

STEP 1: Review the New York State’s reopening guidelines for GYMS AND FITNESS CENTER outlined here to ensure your facility can implement required changes.

STEP 2: Submit your affirmation form found here to verify that you have read and understand the obligations to operate under the
NY State’s guidelines.

STEP 3: Prepare a written plan outlining how your business will prevent the spread of COVID-19 to protect employees and gym
members. You can create your plan using NYS Business Re-Opening Safety Plan Template found here.

STEP 4: Email with the following information:
  1.  Completed safety plan with information on your HVACsystem certification and upgrades
  2. Owner’s name
  3. Owner’s phone number
  4. Business name
  5. Business address
  6. Anticipated date of reopening
  7. Anticipated hours of operation
INSPECTIONS: Franklin County Public Health Services will confirm receipt of your plan and shall inspect your gym or fitness center
within two weeks.
QUESTIONS: For questions regarding the reopening of the gyms and fitness facilities, please refer to your NYS Guidelines or