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County Manager
Deer River Flow
Photo courtesy Franklin County Tourism


355 West Main St., Suite 456
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: 518-481-1693
Fax: 518-483-0141


The position of Franklin County Manager was created in 1986 to assist in the day-to-day administration of County Government.  Since Franklin County is a non-chartered county, an administrative position cannot be created that is independent of the County Legislature, therefore the County Manager acts on behalf of the Legislature, implementing County policies, and overseeing and coordinating activities of all County Departments.

The County Manager works with all Standing Committees of the Legislature; acts as Budget Officer; monitors claims against the county; acquires liability insurance; manages risk and exposures; is the Purchasing Agent; acts as liaison to the state and federal government; and generally assumes the duties of chief administrative officer of the County. The County Manager also performs research tasks assigned by the Legislature; submits recommendations regarding any modifications needed for more efficient governmental operations; and serves as chief advisor to the Legislature in the development, implementation, and ongoing modification of policies and procedures.

In conjunction with the Chairman of the County Legislature and as authorized by resolution, the County Manager represents the Legislature in contracts with political subdivisions, state and federal officials, and agencies and vendors.

If you have any questions about this office, its duties or that of any other County Department, please feel free to contact us at 518-481-1693 or 


Donna Kissane, County Manager
Phone: 518-481-1693

Sandra Perry, Special Asst. to the County Manager 
Phone: 518-481-1693