Records Management Department
Records Storage

Contact: Kimberly Tavernia ~ Senior Records Management Clerk

355 West Main Street
P.O. Box 70
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: 518-481-1671
Email: ~or~


The Records Management Department provides storage for all of the County Departments private recordsIf you are looking to obtain records or have questions, you will need to contact the Departments directly that obtain the specific records/information.

If you are in search of a birth, death or marriage certificate, you will need to contact the Town or Village Clerk where the birth, death, or marriage took place.  These vital records are not held at this County office.  The Records Management Department does contain limited non-certified copies of genealogy records such as obituaries (1887-1987), marriages (1908-1935), census (1860 ,1875, 1905, 1915, and 1925), and naturalizations (1832-1975).


The Records Management Department is responsible for ensuring that all County records are properly maintained and/or destroyed in accordance to Records Management Law set forth by New York State Archives & Records Administration.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
8:00am  - 4:00pm


Feinberg Library of SUNY Plattsburgh
Since Franklin County was originally part of Clinton County (until 1808), Feinberg Library possesses many records and historical resources from both sides of the County line.

Franklin County Historical & Museum Society
The Franklin County Historical  & Museum Society has vast amounts of records for Genealogy research. Visit their website to view a listing of records available and to obtain hours of operation.

Franklin County New York Tombstone Transcriptions
This website is provided free of service thanks to a local teacher and some assistants that physically "plotted" every cemetery in our area, as well as surrounding counties. You can search individual cemeteries and/or perform a general search of all of them at once, in the event you are not sure where your ancestor may be buried. This site is a great tool to locate where one may have been buried, but may also link you with other family members that you didn't know existed.

New York State Historic Newspapers
Here you'll find newspapers from all areas of New York dating 1803-2010. They can be a great asset in genealogy research and there are numerous ways to access information, such as: by name, by event, by location, by date, etc. You never know what you may discover...birth, death, marriage info; perhaps your ancestor owned a business; maybe won a local award, etc. And remember, when you are searching these papers it is important to try "various" spellings of the last name; the way a name is spelled today, may NOT be how it was spelled back then.

New York State Department of Health
The Department of Health is located in Albany, NY and while they have numerous records available for genealogists, it seems birth, death and marriage are the records most often requested.  We do refer our genealogists there, but we first tell you that IF you are able to retrieve that information at the local level, you will be farther ahead in time and money, especially if your request to them is by mail. However, if you go there in person, we are told you can research anything and everything at your own pace. Our local Town and Village Clerks do hold birth, death and marriage records from 1847-1850 and 1880-present, for anyone who was born, died or married in their town or village.

Wead Library
The Wead Library located in Malone, NY has a variety of research materials such as Census Records, Old Newspapers and Historical Publishing's,  as well as links and contact information for other area Libraries and Historical Societies, including some in Canada.


Town & Village Clerks
If you are a genealogist in search of a birth, death or marriage certificate, you will need to contact the Town or Village Clerk where one was born, died, or married. These vital records are not held at the County level.

Town & Village Historians/ Historical Societies / Museums / Libraries of Franklin County
This list serves as a great resource tool when attempting to gather historical information about a particular township or area within Franklin County.