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Weights and Measures & County Sealer

Contact: Derrick Degon

355 W. Main St. Suite B11
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: 518-481-1506
Fax: 518-483-0141


The County Sealer's office (Department of Weights and Measures) provides for fair measure and accuracy in commerce for weights and measures activities throughout the county. The Weights and Measures Official is a neutral third party in any transaction where commodities are bought and sold.

Without an accurate and uniform system of weights and measure in commerce neither buyer nor seller would have confidence and the market would not function.   

The activities of the Department include but are not limited to the inspection and testing of measuring devices including, as examples, farm bulk milk tanks, gas pumps, fuel oil truck delivery trucks, grocery store and vehicle scales and other devices. Packages offered for sale may also be  inspected for proper quantity and  labeling.   

The state's petroleum quality program is funded by the State Bureau and operated by the county sealer's office. The quality (correct octane, sulfur, oxygenates, volatility, end points, etc.) of retail motor fuels is defined and monitored by the state bureau through this office.   

The pricing accuracy program allows for inspection of retail store pricing  to assure that the price at the shelf is the price charged at the check out..  


Complaint Form

This form should be used for complaints regarding short weight or measure, petroleum quality, or pricing and accuracy issues.