2021 County Directory Contact Information

Photo Courtesy Franklin County Historical & Museum Society

Main Number
Department First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Law and Order Jonathan Miller District Attorney jmiller@franklincony.org (518)-481-1544
Law and Order Thomas G. Soucia Public Defender tsoucia@franklincony.org (518)-481-1624
Law and Order Anson Rhodes Conflict Defender arhodes@franklincony.org (518)-481-1593
Law and Order Jill Dyer Assigned Counsel jdyer@franklincony.org (518)-481-1423
Law and Order Hon. Craig Carriero County, Surrogate  & Family Court Judge (518)-481-1732
Law and Order Vito C. Caruso (518)-285-5099
Public Safety Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill Jail & Sheriff kmulverhill@franklincony.org (518)-483-3304
Public Safety Jonathan Sanger Probation jsanger@franklincony.org (518)-481-1649
Public Safety Ricky Provost Emergency Services Director rprovost@franklincony.org (518)-483-2580
Public Safety Craig Collette District Attorney ccollette@franklincony.org (518)-481-2399
Public Safety Ronald B. Keough Coroner (518)-891-2184
Public Safety Brian Langdon Coroner (518)-483-0005
Public Safety Shawn Stuart Coroner (518)-359-7385
Public Safety Richard Azar Coroner (518)-425-3404
Legislators & Elections Donald Dabiew Chairman ddabiew@franklincony.org (518)-481-1640
Legislators & Elections Penny Premo Clerk of the Board ppremo@franklincony.org (518)-481-1640
Legislators & Elections Janelle Lavigne County Attorney janelle.lavigne@franklincountyny.gov (518)-483-8400
Legislators & Elections Tracy Sparks Commissioner tsparks@franklincony.org (518)-481-1663
Legislators & Elections Brandon Varin Commissioner bvarin@franklincony.org (518)-481-1664
Administration & Finance Donna Kissane County Manager donna.kissane@franklincountyny.gov (518)-481-1693
Administration & Finance Joel Perry Assistant Purchasing Agent joel.perry@franklincountyny.gov (518)-481-1695
Administration & Finance Frances Perry Treasurer fperry@franklincony.org (518)-481-1513
Administration & Finance Mandy Cassavaw Auditor mcassavaw@franklincony.org (518)-481-1689
Administration & Finance Tammie Brooks Real Property Director tbrooks@franklincony.org (518)-481-1504
Administration & Finance Kip Cassavaw County Clerk & DMV kcassavaw@franklincony.org (518)-481-1681
Administration & Finance Kim Godreau Personnel Officer kgodreau@franklincony.org (518)-481-1676
Administration & Finance Andrew Green Data Processing Director agreen1@franklincony.org (518)-481-1667
Human Services Michele Mulverhill DSS Commissioner michele.mulverhill@dfa.state.ny.us (518)-481-1876
Human Services Kathleen Strack Public Health Director kstrack@franklincony.org (518)-481-1709
Human Services Michelle Breen OFA Director mbreen@franklincony.org (518)-481-1526
Human Services Suzanne Lavigne Community Services Director slavigne@franklincony.org (518)-891-2280
Human Services Jason Murray Director of Veterans Services jmurray@franklincony.org (518)-481-1540
Public Works Edward Adams Highway Superintendent eadams@franklincony.org (518)-483-1140
Public Works Scott Cook Building Superintendent scook1@franklincony.org (518)-481-1507
Public Works Derrick Degon County Sealer ddegon@franklincony.org (518)-481-1506
County Manager County Manager countymanager@franklincountyny.gov (518)-481-1693